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Hotel "Karol"

Bansko 2770, 21 Tzar Kalojan Str.
Phone: (+359 749) 880 88
Fax: (+359 749) 880 89


"Karol" hotel is situated in the town of Bansko - a lovely resort, huddled in the foot of the beautiful Pirin Mountains, with an authentic ancient architecture, original atmosphere and traditions. Bansko is one of the best winter resorts offering woSSnderful skiing conditions until late in the spring. It is also the perfect place for your summer holiday thanks to the splendour of the greenest mountain in Bulgaria. Here you can enjoy mountain hiking, feast your eyes on the limpid mountain rivers and streams, along which there are plenty of picturesque picnic sites.

"Karol" hotel is situated near the central cobblestone street. It consists of two buildings separated by a beautiful inner garden with a fountain, barbeque and an outdoor pool.

Its architecture is a combination of stone and wood up to the mark with the traditions of the ancient town. It fascinates the tourist visiting this place to draw peace on the roots of the Bulgarian national spirit, to enjoy the traditional folk restaurants and the lovely Macedonian music.

Hotel Karol

The hotel complex consists of a hotel part, folk-styled restaurant, lobby bar, outdoor garden with a pool and barbecue, gym hall, sauna, billiards.

The hotel part consists of:
- 4 luxury suites (including 3 mesonettes)
- 9 suites (including 4 mesonettes)
- 6 double rooms
- 1 room with 2 + 1 beds in two separate premises
(The minimal number of beds in the suites is 2. The maximal number of beds in the suites is 4.)


The suites are spacious and cozy at the same time. They consist of a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. Most of them have terraces looking out on the mountains. The furniture is elegant made of leather and wood. There is a fridge, a TV set with cable programs, a direct phone. The rooms are always warm. There is always hot water in the pipes.

Other recreation services: gym hall, sauna, billiards, tonic and remedial massage.

Hotel services: guarded parking lot, room service, fax, own transport, trips in the region, picnics in the mountains, washing and dry cleaning.

Relations with travel agent
"Karol" hotel works with more than 14 travel agencies. Our relations are correct and loyal, as contracted. We use the voucher payment system. The prices in the offer to the travel agents are net. The prices for the customers coming directly to the hotel are always higher as we fully realize the sense of the travel agents activity and aim at the filling 100 % of the capacity of our hotel through travel agents mediation.

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