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Bansko Bulgarian Municipality is a public organisation of local self-government in the village of Bansko (today a town), established circa 1850. The Bansko Bulgarian Municipality is a continuation of the all-village community council founded in 1833 by Lazar German for raising funds, materials and labour force for the construction and iconography of the Sveta Troitsa church, which was consecrated in 1835. Prominent merchants and craftsmen were elected to serve as village council elders. The Councils activity during the 60-70s mainly consisted in fighting off Greek church authorities in order to gain independence for the Bulgarian church and set the ground for development of educational and cultural activities in the village. By the Councils initiative a new school was built (1857), the "mutual school" was upgraded to a class school, Revival period newspapers and literature started to be disseminated. The municipality organised the construction of the bell tower of the "Sveta Troitsa church (1850) and the mounting of the clock (1865). During the 70s, together with other municipalities from the Razlog region, the town council fought back against Protestant propaganda. The Bansko Bulgarian Municipality assisted financially families that suffered after the crush of the Kresnensko-Razlozhko uprising 1878 - 1879 and the Ilinden uprising 1903. During the Balkan war, at the liberation of Bansko (October 1912), the municipality organised the collection of food and clothes for Bulgarian army and the volunteer groups of VMORO (Internal Macedonian Odrin Revolutionary Organisation). The new five-member municipal authority, elected in 1912 and headed by Mayor Asen Todev, was included in the newly established state administrative structure of Bulgaria.

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