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Bansko has been declared a unique town of international importance to commercial tourism (1979). Apart from the beautiful Pirin and the numerous spots of natural beauty the town also boasts its many historic sites. Remains of ancient fortresses have been preserved in the Staroto Gradishte (Stankale) locality about 4 km southwest of the town and also in the Yulen locality (downstream Demyanitsa river). Thracian tumuli have been uncovered in the vicinity of Staroto Gradishte. Archaeological works have unearthed a 2nd century B.C. burial site containing a set of bronze surgical instruments, remains of medicinal preparations etc. in the centuries-old Dobrokyovitsa locality (west of Bansko). Scientists assume that a medieval settlement used to exist in the Sveta Troitsa (Holy Trinity) locality (northeast of town). Southeast of Bansko are remains of the late-medieval single-nave churches "St George" and "St Elijah".

Паметник на Паисий ХилендарскиBansko is the birthplace of famous Bulgarian enlighteners, poets, writers, painters, iconographers and revolutionaries: Mile Bizev, Y. Vaptsarov, Nikola Vaptsarov, M. Vezyov, Lazar German, B. Golev, hadji K. Dagaradin, Lazar Konchagov, M. Kolchagov, Toma Vishanov, Dimitar Molerov , Simeon Molerov, Neofit Rilski, Paisii Hilendarski, Ivan Popstefanov, Mile Rahov, Terzi Nikola, Asen Todev, Blago Todev, Nikola Furnadjiev etc. Monuments commemorating Nikola Vaptsarov (1956, sculpture by Iliya Iliev) and Paisii Hilendarski (1976, sculpture by StoichoTodorov) have been erected in the town.

Битови елементиBansko is famous for its well-preserved traditions and culture, its original Revival-period architecture and its local culinary specialities (Banski shashlik, Banska kapama). Visitors to this mountain town have always left it captivated by the spirit of Banskalii (Bansko residents) wishing they could once again return to the heart of Pirin; to one with nature is something everyone craves for in their hurried everyday lives.








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